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July 9, 2014


The second day of the Race yesterday was really interesting! It started with a lovely sunny morning, our lovely First Mate Ali gave us a talk about sails and different types of tall ships and Captain Simon explained how to tack and wear the ship, we then tacked the ship. We all enjoyed yummy garlic bread cooked by Micah and found out that we are currently 11th in our Class (A). By evening the weather changed a lot! The wind increased to force 7/8; we blew out our fore upper topsail. Voyage crew worked hard to stay on their legs, and everyone helped each other and worked well under supervision of the Permanent Crew. Now, conditions are calmer, we almost caught Artemis and half way to Skagerrak which means half way to finish line!

Middle watch: 2nd Mate Tony, John B, John J, Bill, Mel, Alex, Paul, Marissa, Annika and Olga

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