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July 15, 2014

TNS WEB 14/7/14 TO 15/7/14

What a sight greeted the new voyage crew at Frederikstad as they made their way to ‘Tenacious’ gangway. We are not referring to the waiting permanent crew or the watchleaders but the wonderful and colourful scene of tall ships great and small all dressed overall. They had raced from Harlingen and were drawing breath before cruising in company to Bergen.The quayside was festooned with a huge variety of stalls selling gastronomic delights from all corners of the World as well as a wide variety of other attractions,

Frederikstad had really pushed the boat out, so much so that the whole population seemed to have turned out to welcome us extremely warmly and join in the fun. There was masses of entertainment, not least on board ‘Tenacious’ where we were treated to a variety of pirate songs by a group from land-locked Tennessee and the Yorkshire interior.

Once on board, we were welcomed by the permanent crew and went through a series of briefings and training before and after an excellent supper, including an evacuation drill. Many of the crew then went ashore to sample the delights of the town and the tall ships festival.

Not too hung over, the next morning we got down to the serious stuff of training aloft and rope procedures before lunch. We then had to wait our turn to depart in a stiff SW breeze, finally leaving the wall at 1705 to rapturous applause and cannon fire from those both ashore and in spectator boats.. We made our way through a fascinating archipelago and out into the open sea. Here we had to brace the yards before setting some staysails to steady the ship in a bumpy sea. We are on our way to Rizor where we are due tomorrow afternoon.


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