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July 19, 2014

This morning started as yet another lovely day, with whispered rumours of setting sails with easterly winds blowing. After a successful morning of assisted climbs followed by a much needed smoko it soon became evident that Claire, the CA, had melted more chocolate than was needed for the millionaires’ shortbread and was trying desperately to keep the bowl and spoon to herself. Full to the brim she finally shared, taking the chocolate with some spoons around the deck.

Then, disaster struck as Penelope (the dummy in man over board drill) fell over board and our best pointing fingers and climbers were put to use as the DOTI Boat was launched to save her. The rescue was a triumph and Penny is now drying off on deck.

Finally, at midday, we took up the anchor and set sail towards towards Leirvik with a favourable force five Easterly wind and set both the lower and upper top sails and the outer jib. Forward port watch set both T’gallants to achieve speeds of 6.9 knots…huzzah!

FP Watch: Ann, Danni, Nikki, Karen, Mike, Bill, Jan, Clive and Johan

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