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December 6, 2016

TNS474, Tall Ships Victoria Bass Straits Cruise, 1-7/12/2016

Good afternoon from Aft Port!!!

It is a beautiful sunny and mild afternoon. The past 24 hours have been crazy very busy with the voyage crew from TNS 474 arriving. Everyone has settled in nicely and are enjoying their time onboard so far. We spent the night in port at Williamstown to allow the new crew time to settle in. Once the voyage crew had arrived and signed on, we went straight into the safety briefing with First Mate, Fliss. Following this the ship’s crew were offered assisted climbs. These climbs are for the less able voyage crew onboard.

Once the assisted climbs were completed ¬†all the crew enjoyed a buffet dinner of chilli and rice on the main deck. After dinner the voyage crew were treated to a lecture from Rob Day. Rob’s lecture discussed 2 main topics; the conditions in the ocean and how that impacts on where animals live. As well as covering the origins of animals and how multi-celled organisms came to be. The voyage crew that attended the lecture had nothing but positive comments about Rob and his expertise on the subject.

The 2nd was also an action packed day. The ship and all her crew aboard left Williamstown this morning at approximately 10am. Since leaving port we have completed the training for climbing aloft as well as completing the sail handling talk/training from First Mate, Fliss. Just before lunch we went sailing. To get sailing the crew set the fore and main upper and lower topsails, the fore T’Gallant and the main and mizzen staysails. The ship and crew onboard are happy and excited to be sailing. Tonight we will anchor off the old Quarantine Station at the end of the bay before we cross “the rip” in the morning and head out to the sea proper. In the 1800s this is where ships arriving from Europe would be made to wait at anchor for 3 weeks before being allowed up the bay towards Melbourne.

Signing off
Aft Port.

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