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February 20, 2017

LN913, Half Term Get Away, 11-18/02/2017

Saturday 11th February

Saturday heralded the start of our adventure, beginning with a safety briefing and introductions. Following these, the Leadership at Sea Team (L@Sea) ventured ashore for ice cream’s on the beach, whilst the older members of the crew enjoyed a local beer or two ashore. Strong winds dictated the programme for Sunday with mast climbing delayed until after lunch, then a sail talk to get us up to speed.

Following an excellent supper, we were all free to go ashore for our second overnight stop in Las Palma. The L@sea team took us to the beach where swimming and games ensued before we were entertained by the carnival of drag queens in the main town square.

The day terminated with an amazing fire work display enjoyed from the privileged Lord Nelson bridge deck.


Bright and early Monday morning, with much excitement and joy in our hearts, Will ably helmed the ship to sea. The joy faded slightly soon afterwards as an Atlantic swell greeted us!

We hoisted sails to steady the ship but the uncomfortable motion continued. Visibility was sometimes poor due to the number of sick bags being thrown overboard. Things soon settled and the crew were cheered by the awesome sight of Nelly under virtually full canvas.

We reduced sail as the wind shifted to unfavourable condition for sailing a square rig vessel. There was much squealing of delight when dolphins came in close to the bow gambled by the bow wave, an almost spiritual experience. An uneventful starry night sail brought us to Gran Tarajal in Fuerteventura. A pretty seaside village, with stunning murals at every turn. Before going ashore an intensive happy hour was done to remove the grime. Lunch on deck was followed by the crew going ashore for strolling, swimming and the odd chilled beer.  A rekey was done for a venue for the evening meal and a charming bistro was found alongside the black sandy beach.

The owner was told to expect ten people. When we eventually arrived the ten expanded table by table to thirty two of our intrepid crew. However the late night imbibing did not affect our enthusiasm for our departure Wednesday morning after breakfast.


We motored into light head winds which gave us time to enjoy the pilot whales whilst the L@sea team did challenges involving learning about disability by using wheel chairs and visual impairment goggles. Scaling the mast to touch the top (remember this is 100ft above the deck) and learning the ship using photos.

After dropping anchor off Player Blanca, Lanzarote the madder members of the crew had a diving competition into the freezing water below.

Dinner was followed by a Sods opera which made the evening fly in a flurry of music, singing, jokes and poetry.


Vicky, Will and Ted and the staff aft starboard watch.

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