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February 14, 2017

TNS479 02-11/02/2017

2nd February

Day 1: Departure


A fine Melbourne day greeted the crew of the Tenacious as we boarded, ready to embark on the voyage south to the port of Hobart and the wooden boat festival. After the required briefing and safety instruction in order to familiarise the new crewmembers with the vessel, we cast lines and were underway.


An essential part, to ensure against any misshaps in the high seas, was to be delivered in Port Arlington delayed our transit through the heads and we moored in Altona as the sun dipped lower in the sky. Evacuation drills practiced and perfected, and watch crews made themselves familiar with the individuals who they would be sharing the responsibility over the next ten days of maintaining the operation and safety of Tenacious.


We were introduced to the high quality of food and service from the mess crew, headed  by Micah, over dinner and shared a few salty sea dog tails to prove each members worth behind the helm. The younger, more naïve members of the crew were disappointed in the phone coverage provided by a major telephone company thus reducing their ability to communicate with the outside world (the joys of being at sea!!!!)


Overnight, the watch members on duty were introduced to the fine task of ensuring the safety of the crew who were sleeping soundly beneath their feet.

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