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February 14, 2017

TNS479 02-11/02/2017

5th February

Day 3 Forward


Starboard “Faaastly Superior” Watch TNS 479 Melbourne – Hobart Feb 2017 (aka Stardate 88, all is well). Awoke to a stunning sunrise off Port Arlington, to be greeted by yet another culinary extravaganza courtesy of Mika, Nate and string of galley rats. Weighed anchor at 10.30 and Kerrie, our resident wheelie, took the opportunity of smooth seas to partake in hydrotherapy on the bow sprit netting, willingly assisted by W/L Adam and his able mate Harry. The hearty sea dogs on board were mightily relieved to receive the command from Captain Simon to brace the yards sharp to starboard at 13.30.


Many “press ganged” members of the VC experienced the thrill of being under sail for the first time. Just as the younger roosters on the VC made their way to the button on the main mast Captain Simon decided that they needed more exercise, so called a meeting at the main mast and hauled them down.


Whilst writing this blog Joannie and I were mildly surprised by Cadet Ronan’s foot size who informed us that he was size 10 shoe at aged 10!


Sailing women who are in danger of losing their makeup overboard have clearly gone for the more permanent option of “tattooing makeup”. (Joannie has impressed the fellow VC by constantly appearing only in lipstick on the upper decks.)The Coast Guard was clearly taken by the beauty of the mermaids on board and paid us a courtesy visit. Starship Tenacious signing off for Day 3.

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