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February 14, 2017

TNS479 02-11/02/2017


After a peaceful 30 hours on the hook at Quarantine Bay, including our first showers, swimming with seals (or having seals jump over us) and hiking ashore, we are finally out in the Bass Straight.


We sailed out through The Rip this morning and are on our way to Hobart at last. The first few moments in the full ocean brought much larger waves and a large crowd on the foredeck enjoying the peaks and troughs and cheering whenever the spray would ‘wet the mermaid’ (our figurehead).


Head winds at the moment, which, while it slows progress, means less people are hugging the side of the rail hoping not to be sick. However, it is still choppy enough that Micah, the cook, decided to postpone the soup lunch and offer a huge volume of mac and cheese instead.


Captain has yet to inform us whether we are going north or south around Flinders Island, so heading SSE to allow sailing if the current southerly wind holds, or if it veers to the North as expected.


The 20 knots winds mean several crew members are in matching yellow foul weather gear and a variety of inventive beanie for the first time. One can quickly tell the veterans by their elaborate red, black and reflective jackets.

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