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February 14, 2017

TNS479 02-11/02/2017

Day 7 Voyage 479,and yes the Faaaaaaastley superior watch (Fwd STBD) are back on the bridge for the afternoon watch. We are currently drifting at a massive speed of 1knt with 14 sails set and Fran at the helm. We’ve had a visual on Hibbs Beach from the port, starboard, bow and stern reported from both the starboard and port lookouts on several occasions with excitement growing as the wind picked up momentarily. The lull in the winds saw many voyage crew take the opportunity to get a bit of climbing practice in and the bridge was a abuzz with enthusiastic climbers reporting in and out with the Officer of the watch for harness checks and safety briefings. Nate escaped from the galley and was found aloft on the main tops getting a breath of fresh Tasmanian air.


The wind picked up to a whopping 9 knots as an exhausted Fran handed the helm to Jo leading into the homestretch of the afternoon (nautical afternoon watch of course), with the rudder set on 20 degrees port and still little or no wind to speak of. The watch officer Maz told us how she ran away to sea 5 years ago and how it all started with her being part of the Lord Nelson voyage crew and how she’d worked her way up the ranks and is now 2nd Mate on the Tenacious. So, there’s a good chance that members of the Faaaaaaastley Superior Watch Team will one day (hopefuly) advance quickly through the Jubilee Sailing Trust ranks in years to come.

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