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February 14, 2017

TNS479 02-11/02/2017


Day 8

Forward Port Watch – having helped the early watches with the fun of 50kt NNE breezes providing plenty of power and pouring rain, we are now into broken cloud, pleasant 25knot wind off the port aft providing ideal sailing weather around South East Cape and the tip of Bruny Island. Clearly these are rich waters as a pod of up to 25 dolphins came to visit, frolicking in the bow wave like teenage boys, pushing and shoving for the prime position. They said a fond farewell with barrel rolling leaps off the starboard bow. We now have Upper & Lower Topsails set powering us at a steady 8knots across the pristine landscape of Adventure Bay. A couple of tourist tour boats came out to say hello so hopefully they might send us some photos as they told us we look magnificent from the sea. Demonstrating her maritime prowess Second Mate Maz had us square the Main braces while leaving the foremast sharp to starboard to prevent the main squares shadowing the foremast as the wind comes full up the stern. No “Brmm Brmms” here. Perfect western Tasmanian sailing. Forward Port out.

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