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February 20, 2017

TNS480, Hobart Cruise in Company, 14-19/2/2017

February 14 – 16

Greetings JST friends. We are now Day 3 of our journey around the East coast of Tasmania. We left Hobart feeling very lucky with such fine weather after a weekend of rain and stormy winds. We had a light breeze on day 2 allowing us to set sails, heading North for Port Arthur. Many of us climbed a mast for the first time on rolling seas, and the bravest amongst the group made their way right out on the yard arms. The bar emptied out early at the end of the day as many opted for an early night, either exhausted from the tiring day, or trying to get what sleep they could before an overnight watch. This morning many of the voyage crew went ashore to see and hear about the chilling history of Port Arthur and the atrocities that went on here in early colonial Australia.

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