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March 6, 2017

Voyage: LN915

Most mornings, I awake into a routine of random resolutions. I embark on a mission to do what’s interesting and different, to find satisfaction for my mind.

My latest resolution was actually that which brought me to an awakening of unforeseen and quite extraordinary satisfaction.

After deciding to accept an offer of a voyage aboard the Lord Nelson, never would I predict that I in fact would come close to feeling the highs to rival his beaming statue in Trafalgar of Lord Nelson himself.

As I climbed the foremast of the ships towering height, I felt every bit as nervous as I imagined the man himself would have felt during the main battle so closely associated with his name. I climbed further and further, higher and higher until I reached my goal, my aim, my satisfaction… The very top of the tallest ship I had ever seen. I felt brave, heroic and above all satisfaction that I had achieved something that until that moment had seemed so unlikely and unimaginable.

By Ryan Tanner aboard The Lord Nelson on her voyage from Gran Canaria to Southampton

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