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March 7, 2017

Voyage: LN915

Eight days ago on the afternoon of Monday 27th February 2017, thirty-two complete strangers from as many different places met for the first time. Each with their own reason for being here and problems to face.

Eight days later we are no longer 32 individuals, we are four watches clearly moulding into a passing resemblance of a competent crew.

My watch ‘Forward Starboard’ (is clearly right up front) consists of Phil (Watch Leader) from Barrow-in-Furness, Lorn (South Yorkshire), Margaret (Devon), Oli (Ireland), Heather (Shetland), Martin (North Yorkshire), Peter (Edinburgh) and myself Chris (Cleveland).

Some had previous experience, some had none. We’ve been shown the difference between a Clew and a Buntline, a Sheet and a Halyard, and how to work in unison to achieve a task. How to keep watch and how to steer the ship.

Now we have all found our sea legs it is clear each watch is bonding well.

Tomorrow we will reach the Azores and will dock on the Island of Facail. Then there will be new sights to see and the adventure continues.

Chris Sykes

Fwd Starboard

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