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March 2, 2017

Day 4
GPS: 31”46.25’N 19”01.43’W
Log: 299nm
Barometer: 1019

We’re well into the sea passage heading up from Las Palmas to the Azores, and the ship routine has now kicked into place. The treadmill of watches, sleeping, eating and personal time has to be squeezed in alongside the call of ‘All hands on deck’ to set or handle sail. Friendships made, team work forged.

It’s not the sailing that is the key issue at sea, but food and sleep. The ship never stops on its passage home to the UK, and that means crew are constantly expending energy, even when they are trying to sleep! For those crew sleeping on the starboard side of the hull, they are sleeping on their bunk boards that stop them tumbling out of their bunks due to the sailing angle of the ship (things will change after the Azores and life will become far more comfortable for them).

During the day, it is bright sunshine and threshing seas and exciting sailing. The night always changes that perception. But in consolation, the night sky is full of planets, stars, a bright moon and shooting stars. For many, it is truly the first time that they have experienced dark skies and nights and experiencing the loneliness of the sea except for some cruise liner that lights up the horizon with its lights as its passengers drink and dance the away. But we are all enthralled by the sea.

Thought for the day: And each day the sea will grant men one wish as sleep brings dreams of home.

Fore Port Watch: Mike, Scouse, Rachel, Lottie, Julia, George, Joe and AJ.

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