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March 14, 2017

Voyage LN915

Beginning the day with an 8am-12:30 watch, our main objective was speed! In order to make good distance we were issued a challenge to maintain a speed of over 5.2 knots, and so began the sport of competitive helming. Each member of the watch had their chance to beat the maximum speed of their predecessor, but in the end Rachel emerged victorious with a maximum speed of 8.1 knots (although she does admit she wasn’t technically on course at the time).

In the afternoon we were given a talk on advanced knots by members of the permanent crew, where we were taught the technique of some of the more complex knots such as the rolling hitch and the double sheet bend. While some people were able to apply their new-found knowledge with relative ease, others (myself included) ended up tying themselves in knots.

Fortunately a tannoy announcement sent us stampeding to the upper deck before we became permanently entangled, as a pod of dolphins had been spotted off the starboard bow. The rush proved unnecessary, however, as the dolphins play close to the bow for about an hour. A spectacular end to a great day!


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