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March 11, 2017

Voyage: LN915

Leaving Sao Jorge was as beautiful as arriving and the brief time there. On our starboard side was the sheer cliff and eroded caldrons of Sao Jorge and to our port the towering majesty of the snow clad volcano of Pico.

A whale spout was spotted and for the eight on deck there was a choice – run for cameras below deck or put out the call and live in the moment. We remained and were treated to the graceful beauty of this humpback whale pass by within feet of the side of the ship. We’ve revisited this moment many times since and agree that our photo was with that shared experience.

The lighthouse of Sao Jorge remained visible til shortly before midnight but even this beacon atop a cliff becomes a memory. A beautiful moonlit night gave an opportunity to picture the Lord Nelson in full sail.

This trip has been a series of these moments that steal your breath away but at least with a photo we all now share a little of the Nellie magic.


Kieran Fox

Aft Starboard

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