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March 13, 2017

Voyage: LN915

Sunday dawned as another grand day with Forward Starboard watch taking the 8am to 12.30pm Forenoon watch and the 8pm to midnight First watch.

The morning brief highlighted that with the light winds we had only travelled 120 miles north of the Azores and would continue to track up the west side of the large high pressure at a leisurely pace but still sailing in lovely weather. Sunday is generally a rest day for most other than the normal Watch keeping duties and we had a full Sunday roast at lunchtime. For most of the crew the afternoon was spent lazing in the sun on deck either reading, listening to music or just taking in the majesty of the open ocean. This was to be followed by a sumptuous pasta meal in the evening prepared by none other than the Captain and 1st Mate!

Our night watch began with a beautiful full moon that shone brightly to starboard on the gentle swell as we sailed under full sail at 7 knots to begin with but dropping to a leisurely 5 knots. The sky was clear and stars twinkled overhead, with the Bids star shining brightly over us.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the last 20 minutes of the Watch were highlighted by a pod of a dozen or so pilot whales which kept us company on the port quarter just feet from the ship which was an amazing experience for us all.

Watch Leader

Forward Starboard

This trip has been a series of these moments that steal your breath away but at least with a photo we all now share a little of the Nellie magic.


Kieran Fox

Aft Starboard

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