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March 15, 2017

Voyage LN915

Starboard Forward Watch

The Great Egg Drop Day.

Our mission is to throw a raw egg from the Main Mast top to the deck aft so that it lands unbroken. Any padding used can only be sourced from the Wheelie bins at the back of the ship.

A verbal presentation is also required before the throw with eggstra points added for eggscrutiating puns.

All four watches entered as did the Bosuns Mates. After listening to eggstremely, eggsuberent eggsagerations of their individual projeggts the ‘tossers’ climbed the mast and the projeggtiles were tossed. Two were deflected by the rigging, two landed on deck and broke. Only one landed and was recovered intact – ours, the starboard forward watch.

To celebrate victory the Captain then inspected our egg and with the words “It gives me no great pleasure doing this” but with a gleam in his eye; smashed the egg over our watch leaders head. The egg was proven to be raw and not hard boiled. Phil retired for a shower.

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