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April 27, 2017

The First Tern of the Year

The sad news from this morning is that we have bid farewell to the part of our crew leaving us at Falmouth, and (in happier news) picked up a few hitch-hikers from the Cornwall coast. We were of course very sad to see them go, but we’re glad to have some fresh muscles on board. This reduction of numbers means we have now condensed into three watches – meaning everyone gets a night watch every night, which everyone is obviously ecstatic about.

This morning saw us waking up in bright sunshine to do assisted climbing of the masts – Sam and Ian made it up the main mast, with Douglas, Ian, Christine, Rebecca and Annette all making it up on the fore mast. Sam had a great time up there – he couldn’t get up quick enough, in fact Tamsin had to slow him down! A great sense of achievement as well for the climbers who didn’t make it all the way up earlier in the week as now with a bit of extra support they all got to the platform, and even enjoyed a cheeky biscuit up there – very civilised.

After an alfresco on deck dining experience we brought up the anchor to set off around Lands’ End. Just as we were motoring out Captain Darren spotted a Tern – the first of the year! Summer must be on its way, and it certainly feels like it in Falmouth.

Photo courtesy of @BBCCornwall

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