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April 28, 2017

As Lord Nelson approached Isle of Man on voyage LN920, after battling through some tough weather and defying the odds to reach their destination on time, Annette and Genevieve took some time on board to reflect on their voyage – in the form of these brilliant poems!

We navi-circum-gated,
While the winds blew unabated.
We’ll go round the heel and round the toe
Where we end up no one will know
“It’s a magical mystery tour” the Captain spoke
“We’re casting off now, crew grab a rope”
We raced down south with the wind behind us
“Come on now folks let’s not fuss
As I said at the start, I must be vague
If we boldly go, we’ll miss the plague”
“No rats on board” the cooky shouted
“If I find just one, Fred fish will be clouted”
Tamsin promised we’d find our sea legs
The galley watch cried, “How’d you want your egg?”
Vicky the nurse went around with the pill
Just to ensure no one was ill
If you go on deck whilst we’re all at sea
Strapped onto the wire you must safely be
While the sun was shining and the sea was balmy
We can climb the mast, hold that rope calmly
The Boson’s mates with a clap and a cheer
Said “very well done, you’re finally here”
The Nellie’s engine it was mended
So on our way we merrily wended
It’s a late watch, from midnight till four
It’s suddenly colder than it was before.
Gnomes she kindly split the shift,
As our morale she tried to lift.
When we round Land’s End for the Irish Sea
Let’s hope a fair wind will finally be
If we manage to reach the Isle of Man
Then we can say “it all went to plan”
Three cheers you’ve earned it,
Proving you all possess true grit.
Now as we all say our goodbyes,
Let us hope nobody cries.
We’ve had such fun it was a pleasure
With memories dear that we will treasure.

By Annette Courtney
Oh Nelly, Nelly what a mess
We can’t go round the north nor through Loch Ness
Oh Nelly, Nelly what will we do?
Sail south and we’ll just have to muddle through
Oh Nelly, Nelly feeling sick
But we hauled and heaved, through the thin and the thick
Oh Nelly, Nelly what will we see?
Phosphorescence, dolphins and the briny sea
Oh Nelly, Nelly we made it round
Though now we feel sad, some friends we found
Oh Nelly, Nelly when we leave
Our hearts will be heavy, you must believe
Oh Nelly, Nelly now you know
On a wonderful voyage we did go.

By Genevieve Douglas

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