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May 11, 2017

Forward starboard blog 10th-11th May 2017

Aboard the Lord Nelson, after a quiet morning shift in the sunshine and a glorious antipasti style lunch out on deck, it was finally time to hoist the sails (despite the lack of wind!). We were living in keen anticipation of the wind increasing late in the day.

A whole ships call to bracing stations and a lesson in sweating and tailing ensued resulting in the bracing of the sales from port to starboard, this was made slightly difficult by trying to get the correct rope to move the correct sail so that they all moved in unison… Slightly trickier than it sounds!

Our FS watch led the race up the sails and out onto the yard-arms in order to loosen the buntlin lines allowing the sails to fully unfurl. Fran was super excited to get the fab view from the yard arm and is still grinning about it 24 hours after 😊

Dinner was a superb muscle pasta with garlic sauce, the alternative for those not eating mussels was a stunningly cooked duck breast! A few people got a little excited at this and threw water over the food and diners… Clearly nothing to do with the wine! Dinner done, time for a quick sit and slurp in the bar to chill out before heading up to the bridge for a watch.

Jason, our watch leader decided he needed small friends so bought gummy bears up… This worked a treat. Richard followed suit with a similar tactic ensuring we were all topped up with tea, coffee and hot chocolate… My 2 new favourite people (other than cookie!).

This watch was particularly special as it was a first under the sail… Even if the wind didn’t play game! A pesky trawler circled us most of the shift keeping us occupied. At the end of the shift he decided he wasn’t going to pass aft making meaning we needed to move… the lack of wind resulting in a wake up call for the captain and engineering staff to turn on the engine just as our watch finished at midnight! One of the shift highlights was bracing the sails within our own team, we actually almost looked like we knew we were doing! Midnight came, and the shift came to a close. Off to bed for us leaving the new watch to play with the fishing boat.

Morning came and quickly, bacon and eggs beans and mushrooms for breakfast. A bit of heavy sweating and tailing to put the sails away, with that gym session done time to relax under motor into St Brides Bay. Super tasty soup and rolls for lunch followed by a brief one hour watch for being excused as the anchor was dropped. Looking forward to more climbing this afternoon after another well earned snooze, hoping that the rain and jellyfish bloom disappear upon waking!

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