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May 17, 2017

LN924 Cardiff – Bristol
Log – 14th – 17th May 2017 AP Watch by Alison Cant

It’s been a fascinating trip, not least from the amount of nautical and sailing information, and training shared by the permanent crew, but the amazing people who have been a part of this voyage.

Day one consisted of a number of briefing and training sessions, but also an opportunity to climb the mast. Many relished this challenge and it was successfully completed by everyone with the support and encouragement of the JST staff, volunteers and our colleagues. This supportive atmosphere would be something that would continue throughout the next few days, growing as time went by.

Day 2 saw the departure from Cardiff, through docks and a lock to reach the choppy waters of the Bristol Channel. Fantastic to be on the open sea, but also to work on our team (watch) activities. Karen, our Watch Leader, was fantastic in allocating everyone a task, making them feel included in our common purpose, matching individuals skills.

This is a theme that continued through the journey and the ‘working to one purpose as a team’ ethos saw the level of inclusivity grow and grow.

Many people started to feel the effects of the choppy waters, but we anchored in the afternoon of the Somerset coast, which made everyone feel better. Night watch was brilliant. 12-2 – quiet and calm, but taking readings for the log are important steps needed every hour, with a separate record needed every 20 minutes due to being at anchor.

Day 3 saw us sailing up the Bristol Channel and setting sail, a magnificent sight! The weather meant the seas were choppier and on deck was wetter. But team spirit, and the supportive atmosphere, from everyone really helped keep morale going. You have to be a part of it to experience that.

Overnight to Day 4 and our watch had a watch from 4am to 8am. Karen arranged for us all to have a go on the helm – amazing being at the helm of the Lord Nelson – everyone had a go (and I mean everyone) at this, plus watching port and starboard for moving vessels, objects etc, then doing the log, watching the ‘mess’ team and watching the ship.

Thanks JST for a fab experience and Barclays for raising the money and support.

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