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May 21, 2017

Day 19

With a brisk wind coming from the snow covered peaks of the mountains, the afternoon watch was graced with the sight of two sea lions playing in the waves off the Port side. Soon afterwards, as the wind and waves picked up a little, a pod of Common Dolphins came to play in the bow wave, tempting those who wanted to take photos to risk the spray of the waves as our ship danced through the waves with them.

An exhausted (and now minimised) crew cheered with the news of a full night of rest thanks to the decision to anchor Tenacious for the night. Taking advantage of the free time, many chose to catch up on sleep, while the rest joined in the fun of the quiz night put together by the wonderful Tracey (though many of the questions were severely biased to British knowledge, to the dismay of the Aussie members of the crew).

The morning saw us working together again to brace the yards and set sails, with the entire foremast out on show, despite the Royal’s ropes being a little stubborn. By 9am we had weighed anchor and were on our way towards Christchurch, with Mount Taranaki on the North Island visible on the horizon – 90 nautical miles away.

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