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June 2, 2017

This Blog is a summary of ideas and comments from a young and enthusiastic voyage crew of Sea-scouts who are on-board for a 4 day voyage from Wellington

We are a group of Sea-scouts from Wellington New Zealand, super excited to get aboard the Tenacious!

We got on board to learn all the safety requirements and participate in demonstrations. We were so excited to set sail on the Queen’s birthday on the Friday. On board the Tenacious on Day 1, the crew were extremely helpful, kind and friendly. They were so organised and had thought of every scenario.

We were all well catered for with necessary equipment, such as wet weather gear, safety harnesses and belts. Having so much assistance made everyone who may have been unsure or nervous feel at ease. We were assigned watches in which we rotated through the night and day to keep as look out of any dangers whilst sailing.

The ship is all accessible, if you are sight impaired there are marks on the floor to guide you, talking gadgets like compasses, brail and many guiding hands and voices. If you are a wheelchair user there are tables that adjust higher or lower for meal times, accessible bunks and bathrooms, there are lifts ¬†to go upstairs and many hoist mechanisms for lifting if you can’t use lifts in an emergency.

All ability may go climbing up the rigging! Whatever impairment you may have, you have no excuse to not be fully involved in all activities on the ship. The Crew made the voyage fun and exciting for children, with an abundance of fun games and very yummy food Рit was great . On the First day we everyone went climbing up the rigging. Everybody learnt a lot about points of sails and although there is a lot to learn and know, the crew are always there to help.

It is a must do experience, and everybody of all ages, experiences and abilities are welcome.

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