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June 5, 2017

Blog written by a voyage crew of Sea Scouts on a 4 day sail from Wellington NZ.

We really enjoyed the breakfast today. We have to take turns at helping in the galley and doing the washing up – there’s a lot of dishes to wash!

We next had a “happy hour” where we scrubbed the deck, cleaned the “heads” (toilets) and mopped the floors.

It is really interesting learning about how to sail a boat that is different from what we’re used to.

We’ve had an awesome day. The whole crew worked at putting the sails up and we had a good sail. Steering the boat was an amazing experience.

We have seen dolphins swimming along the side of the ship. One of the best parts of the day was making new friends and working together pulling on the ropes.

We have enjoyed today especially because we got to try things we’ve never done before. Can’t wait to spend another day on Tenacious!

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