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July 11, 2017

“How do you explain this reality to others?” asked Roly.  “Impossible” we replied.  Glorious clear blue skies, indigo coloured sea; garnets, dolphins and whales all putting in appearances along with the icebergs. Life is good.

We were on midnight to 4am watch (middle watch) on the 9 July.  At 2.45 am we were identifying various stars, watching airplanes rush hither and tither when an eerie fog rolled in.  At 2.50 am we couldn’t see the bow of the ship.

We knew we had arrived in iceberg territory! All hands were on look out and the engines slowed. This cautious approach followed by subsequent watches until the morning when the fog lifted and a wonderful iceberg appeared in the distance.  We all stopped to take photos.  However, the fog soon descended again and we returned to our cautious approach to Newfoundland.   Following a roast dinner, we glided into St. Anthony at 1.00 p.m. for a short visit.

We were champing at the bit to get off the ship in St. Anthony but formalities (including a ship inspection had to be completed).  Eventually we were released and went in search of wifi and the Canadian icon of “Tim Hortons” coffee shops.  We found both and had the usual chance to catch up with family, news, etc.

Roly organized a restaurant for dinner for the watch – the Lighthouse – it was fantastic. Super seafood, friendly staff in a delightful setting.  The first restaurant we have ever been in where the icebergs wafted by and you could whale watch at the dinner table.  It was so good that almost the entire crew went there last night too.

The day in St Anthony was a day to relax with most people taking the opportunity to go for a hike or simply enjoy meeting the very friendly locals.  Delightful people!  Needless to say Nelly was the talk of the town and when we sailed off the wharf this morning many of the locals had gone up to the point to wave us off, Such nice people.

Shortly after our departure, Captain Richard brought us close to a very large iceberg.  It was an amazing sight – so many different surfaces – smooth, wrinkled and lined in places.  It was reportedly one of the biggest icebergs in Newfoundland this year.  Then it was off to Quebec however not before the dolphins and whales appeared to bid us adieu.  One whale was lucky enough to appear to watch us at the bridge just in time to see our dear watch leader Robin being murdered – the murder game continues.  It’s a slow burner – those alive are very cautious of individuals carrying strange objects such as a teddy bear!

Love and best wishes to all – Aft Port: Jane, Doris, Beryl, Barbara, Myles, Euan, Tadhg, Roly and Robin

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