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July 12, 2017

Well here we are, on the closing stages of our voyage in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. After passing a little close to a fishing boat which didn’t seem to understand the traffic separation scheme in the Belle Isle Strait last night, we are once again in comparatively open water with land just visible on the northern side.

It was good though to see other shipping and lights on land reminding us that the sea is not entirely empty. We believe though that we are now clear of icebergs, “bergy bits” and “growlers”. However the wind is still not cooperating and we find ourselves motor-sailing into a fresh south westerly towards the St. Lawrence River.

A pod of orcas was sighted in the small hours of the morning by the on-watch team. The whole ship’s company were informed after breakfast of an “exercise” involving a warning of a simulated explosive device. The voyage crew went to muster stations, and various parts of the ship were evacuated before it was announced that there had indeed been an explosion (still simulated of course) and the “abandon ship” order went out. Finally order was restored and the permanent crew de-briefed on the exercise. The only real damage was the absence of smoko this morning, a delayed lunch and a delay relieving the morning watch.

The weather this afternoon is bright but still cool, and Nate’s muffins, which had been made for morning smoko, have been enjoyed by all; and well worth the wait.

Forward Starboard Watch: Ed, Acting (unpaid) Watch Leader, Stephanie, Anne, Portia, Tracie, Anna, Kevin, Keith & Colin.

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