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July 15, 2017

Helo i bawb, as we say in Welsh.  We have just entered the St. Lawrence River from the Gulf, we’re all sleeping very well since we are not rocking so much. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the temperature is now at 18 degrees.

Yesterday we visited Archipel de Mingan National Park following a short delay while we waited for the Canadian authorities to allow us to land.  We waited in the dotty boat for an hour but we had terrific fun watching BoBo scrubbing the stern of the ship from the dotty boat. We also had a singing session in the dotty boat which was matched by the voyage crew on the deck of the ship who sang sea shanties.

When we eventually got to a magical island, where we ate our packed lunches – we used all our bread and poor Cookie had to get up at 4.30 a.m this morning to bake bread for us. Following our lunch a few stalwarts went into the icy cold water for a swim. Aft Port was well represented by Euan, Robin and Jane.  Of course, Jane stayed in the water long after everyone else got out shivering. Some people will never learn!

The island was covered in spruce trees and very tranquil.  Most people took some time to explore the island. There were a couple of other people on the island but it was largely overrun by Nellie’s crew – when the permanent crew took a few minutes for enjoy the peacefulness on the isle.

Today we are progressing (with Beryl on the helm) up the St. Lawrence heading rapidly towards Quebec where we anticipate to arrive on the, Monday 17th July in the afternoon on berth 19. We are looking forward to seeing loved ones who have been very patient and supportive in our absence. We thank all of them irrespective of whether they will be in Quebec to meet us or not.

As this Is Aft Port’s last blog greeting to all and thank you for following us.

Diolch am ddilyn, dia libh, au revoir and best wishes  (in Welsh, Irish, French and English)

Aft Port – Beryk, Robin, Roly, Doris, Barbara, Jane, Tadhg, Myles and Euan

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