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July 23, 2017

Joining day from different perspectives by Aft Port Watch

After making our way through the crowds of excited spectators who had come to see the Tall Ships, we boarded Lord Nelson, where we were greeted by our watch leaders.

We were shown to our bunks and then signed in to get our name tags, wet weather clothing and wellies. We then assembled in the lower mess to meet the permanent crew, and to be made aware of the do’s and don’t’s for a successful voyage… don’t block the heads etc.

Dinner was served after that, where we were free to come and go into the city, stay on board or stroll around the port to gain a better position for the 22.00 firework spectacular. A great show ending for many after a long day, we were glad to hit the sack after!

The kitchen for the cook (galley) is only big enough for one person. Similarly the room for the engineer is very small and therefore crowded with tools and equipment ( a true ‘man cave’) ( engineer’s workshop). The number of heads is limited and the space is limited especially for showering!

The fireworks were a spectacular end to our first day. On the second day we were all up early and on deck for 06.00 to get ready for leaving our berth and being part of the spectacle of sun and sail splendour as we joined the parade of Tall Ships saying farewell to Quebec.

We had a lot of our sails set and were able to admire the results of our sweating and tailing!

Aft port watch Craig, Hazel Marc V, Peter S, Mo, Penny, Nick, Paul

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