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July 26, 2017

On Wednesday 26th July, the forward starboard watch was musically motivated by a sing- along of the full score of the sound of music. There was little else to report on this watch in contrast to our first watch leaving the city of Quebec, days earlier as part of the Rendez-vous 2017 Tall ships sail past, when vessels of all sizes gathered on the St. Lawrence River to watch us leave port while thousands waved from shore as we made our way down river with the sails up.

On the 26th we anchored overnight in Pont au Pont, West Bay on the coast of Newfoundland, and the last sound we heard was the anchor rattling into place.

After breakfast on the 27th, the full crew were called into action to standby ready to set sail off the anchor. We managed to sail of the anchor without using the engines, in a great sailing breeze.

Captain Richard instructed us on how to “wear” ship so that we could make the manoeuvres needed to clear the reefs and return to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Once clear of the bay, the wind picked up to a force 5 and filled the sails to roll us with the waves.

Several of the voyage crew reached for ginger supplies, and anti- nausea supplies. Whilst still bouncing around, we were shown how to tack, so that we would be ready to, manoeuvre in the Bay of islands on our approach to anchor tonight. We are hoping to have supper before our next deck action.

Forward Starboard Watch aka the singing watch. Bridget, Diane, Heather, Karell, Norah-Lynn, Peter, Tony under the guidance of our wonderfully supportive watch leader Jim

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