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July 31, 2017


Yesterday we were woken up at 07.30 and prepared for breakfast at 08.00. Breakfast was sausage, egg, tomato and toast.

We then headed up on deck for a harness instruction lesson and were briefed on our evacuation drill, which we then practiced. We learnt how to use the ascenders when climbing up the rigging, which I’ve never used before. And because I can’t pull ropes I got to shout the orders.

Roisin Aft Port watch

The ship had another open ship day yesterday and with the rain holding of unlike the Day before, there were a lot more people interested in Lord Nelson. I personally really enjoyed greeting everyone in my home country during the 150th celebrations, “bridging the gap” between country of birth and adopted country. A number of voyage crew went out in Cornerbrook to take part in the traditional NFLD “screeched in” ceremony. This required a “Newfie” tongue- twister in a sou’wester (yellow fisherman’s hat), kissing a cod and downing a shot of screech. Certificates in hand we then were treated to fireworks over the water celebrating the last night of festivities in Cornerbrook.

Lianne Aft Port Watch


On watch very warm and a clear sea, like a mill pond, time to gather thoughts, I am now a bonafied Newfoundlander by kissing a cod! We are doing harbour watch and checking that everything is ok, it’s all quiet now, considering the fireworks yesterday wow and music, such an honour to be part of this Cornerbrook festival and be part of an amazing crew on Lord Nelson. We have four ships of varying sizes around us and we will all be sailing and leaving Cornerbrook together, towards Sydney. Gosh I wish I could stay on until St. John but I am here on my first epic journey to Canada and I still keep pinching myself, that at 49 with a disability and I am on a ship working HAPPY DAYS. I want more of this 3 voyages so far and one booked for next year, that’s my plan, a voyage a year on Nellie or Tenacious.

Loopy Aft Starboard Watch


Moored alongside the Cornerbrook dock as the sun rises on the scene of last night’s festivities with, portaloos, empty picnic tables and just a few seagulls scavenging in vain for scraps of food in the garbage. Behind the incessant, filthy belching of Cornerbrook’ s pulp and paper factory, massive plumes of grey smoke streaming into the early morning sky. But if we turn our backs on the scene of industry and frivolity and look across the rippling water, distant views of green hills and places unknown beckon. We depart at 18.00 hours – can’t wait.

Kirsten Aft Starboard watch

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