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July 4, 2017

Another day passes on our travels towards Canada and at least 3 more murders have been committed (I am the victim of one of them and so, in theory, I am a ghost writer!). I can assure people that the act was painless and was committed in the laundry room with a game of monopoly by Robin.  Our night watches are becoming darker but thankfully less cold and with favourable winds last night we were able to sail until dawn.

Today, being 4th July, we are celebrating not only Independence Day with our American crewmates, but also our Captain’s birthday! Simon’s birthday cake creation of chocolate, rice krispies and marshmallows was enjoyed by all at smoko and we were granted a holiday from Happy Hour. Tadhg entertained us with a great talk about his work with hot air balloons in Ireland and then Simon fed us with Chinese duck and noodles.  Our afternoon watch started with fog and rain, which turned to hail before clearing but was made more interesting by unidentifiable objects on the radar which could have been icebergs. Lookouts were extra observant but were only able to spot a few fulmars before the unknown objects disappeared.  It has been excellent practice for when we are closer to any icebergs but we would all rather see them in the clear daylight than a foggy night.

Spirits remain high and the younger members of our watch are forever finding ways to entertain us all with songs, quizzes and games.  They are also taking turns at being watchleader for a day and may well be given further tasks as part of their Leadership at Sea programme. Meanwhile, we are starting to prepare for our arrival in Quebec by checking over the bunting and generally smartening up the ship.

Best wishes to all, especially those who will shortly being travelling out to Quebec to meet the ship.

Forward Starboard, Steph, Colin, Keith, Portia, Anne, Anna, Eddie, Tracy and Kevin

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