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July 7, 2017

Day 28

One month into this incredible journey and day 8 since we last saw land.

Many of us are having to dig deep at this stage of the voyage due to lack of sleep, long cold watches and the length of time at sea, but firm friendships and a caring crew really are helping to keep us all positive.

We’re making good progress south and keeping a good speed; playing chase with the weather as gale force storms are forecast and we’d rather avoid them if we can!

There’s been a great deal of sail handling activity during the day and last night. Poor Beth, Dave and the Captain received a bit of dunking whilst sail handling on the foredeck, much to the mirth of onlookers.

A new chart featuring Canada caused mini- celebration amongst our Watch as it means we’re that bit closer to our destination. In fact, as of 3pm Nellie-time, we had just over 1000 miles to go. We’re awaiting the Captain’s decision as to whether to enter Saint Lawrence to the north or south. The preferred route is the north (as it’s shorter), however it depends on the ice reports. A final decision will have to be made tomorrow.

The frequency of murders has slowed somewhat as victims become more aware of their assailant’s intentions.  And thank goodness the washing machine is back in action (after being seasick/ out of order in the uneven rolling of the ship)!

Forward Port: Sherwood; Liz; Jon; Sally; Mike: Emelie; Sarah

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