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July 7, 2017

Yesterday, Euan and Myles spent the day as cooks assistant. They had to delegate tasks to the messmen, organize stores and do tasks for the cook. Their work was well rewarded as last night, the 8 till 12 watch brought the most spectacular sunset we have seen so far.

The sky was filled with beautiful colors, burning oranges and deep purples. This was then followed by the first stars of the trip. We saw several we thought were planets and spent time discuss which ones they were, we decided they were Mars and Jupiter. Spirits were high and despite the cold, the watch was enjoyed by everyone.

This morning we had no watch, however Euan made a talk on free running (an up and coming urban sport) and how he uses it to learn to overcome obstacles, both physical and mental, which he encounters in his life.

Our watch today was the 12:30 till 16:00 and the sun came out once again. The sea and air temperatures are beginning to rise and the winds have been perfect. Currently we are sailing west and we are on course for St Anthony, which we are all looking forward to as it will be the first land in a long time.  It will also give us some respite and a proper sleep without being thrown around by the sea.

At 16:00 Sherwood gave us a talk on how to lookout properly. We learned to use our peripheral vision to spot irregularities in the sea so we’re all kitted out for spotting potential dangers. He followed this with a talk on the history of the JST where we heard the inspirational origin of the organisation we’re sailing with.

Tonight we have the 00:00 to 04:00 watch so we’ll be able to employ our new lookout skills. It’s going to be tiring but with land not far off the horizon we’re feeling prepared and looking forward to the next few days.

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