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July 8, 2017

The previous day saw another two voyage crew volunteer as Cook’s Asses in somewhat adverse conditions. Average four meter swell, it turns out, is not ideal for grating cheese. A determined mess crew persevered, however, and the entire crew was rewarded with burrito bowls and apple crumble for dinner. Another rocky night provided difficult sleeping conditions, and a sleepy ship awoke at 0730.

As the morning dawned, fog closed in around the ship, bringing visibility down to 50 meters. The 0000-0400 watch saw a rapid drop in both air and sea temperature. This brings an exciting milestone nonetheless, as it indicates that we’ve met the ‘Labrador Current’. Although not ideal for iceberg lookouts, the fog seems to have brought calmer winds and swell – a pleasant break from the dramatic rolling of the last few days.

Breakfast was accompanied with an update from the Captain on our progress towards St Anthony. Happy hour – and a change of bed sheets – followed. A few of the crew braved the cold at lunchtime to set the outer jib before the oncoming watch arrived. The afternoon watch did spot an underwater bergy bit, which was described to the Deck Officer as a ‘bright blue ball thing’. Splashes of rain interrupted the day which turned into a biblical deluge of apocalyptic hell rain (just as Forward Starboard came off watch [get in]), but apart from that most people enjoyed a slightly more restful day. Not long until land!

Forward Starboard

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