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July 9, 2017

Today was a nice day for everyone I think. We woke up with the bing bong, and one of the voyage crew announced that we just arrived in the Canadian waters. What good news!

It was a sunny morning. Right after breakfast, while we were still motoring at an approximate speed of 5 knots, Captain Richard announced that there was an iceberg at about one and a half miles away. Everyone gathered on starboard beam of the ship to take some pictures. It looked quite big, but we were glad not to be that close…

Then the fog started to appear once again, and the look outs of the morning watch (Brian’s watch) and also the bosun’s mates that were rotating on the bowsprit were very useful. By the way, these bosun’s mates did a really good job for the icebergs, growlers and berg’s bites watch, getting very wet and cold in the past days.

We had an early dinner and got prepared for the afternoon watch. We were very lucky as a team, because we have been once again the watch on the bridge during the arrival in St-Anthony. The French Canadian on our team, Emilie, was on the helm and under the captain’s command, she steered the ship into the harbour, following a fishing vessel, and steering amongst some icebergs, taking the sailship back to home (Canada)!

It was such an experience for her and she is so grateful for that. Sarah was scribe on the bridge (noting the hours of the different events until everything was attached), and Sherwood, our watchleader, helped with the lookout on the bridge. The other members of the team helped on the lower deck.

Everyone was so glad to be on land again, but it took quite a few hours before having the permission to go ashore, after the Canadian customs were done. So at approximately 17:00, we have been able to go ashore. The crew split into little groups, but most of them went to the only bar in the small town of St-Anthony, passing a great night, and some of them went to the lighthouse restaurant where the food was really tasty.

Finally, the night harbour’s watches went well and we will have our day off tomorrow to visit what there is to see in St Anthony. Everyone’s glad to spend some time on land. We are going to leave on Tuesday morning a 07:00 AM, and another week and we will be in Quebec, our final destination. Good last leg to everyone!

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