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July 13, 2017

Thankfully, the worst of the storm has blown through, and we have been sailing in sunshine and a fresh breeze.  It has been wonderful to feel the sun on our faces and to feel that we are closing in on our destination.

It hasn’t been quite as eventful as yesterday, no explosions for us today, but the Bosun’s mates and some of the voyage crew have been hard at work with metal briting (removing rusty stains with something really caustic), and painting the bunker boxes. A good job, well done!

We’re still in the Gulf of St Lawrence, and there is nothing much to see at the moment – a couple of bouys, a few sea gulls, and lots of sea.  However, there is land in the far distance, on the northern shore – Quebec Province, which is tempting us; only six days to go until arrival at Quebec.

During the watch, we braced the yards and are continuing to motor in south westerly direction, whilst our permanent watch leader kept himself busy, by ‘murdering’ two of the crew.  The remaining 17 had better look out for themselves, as he seems to be rather good at it?!  Emilie stepped up and led the watch today, and did a great job.  It was fun and relaxed, although she kept us on our toes.

We’re keeping everything crossed that all remains calm, as we head towards evening; a nice meal and our midnight to four am watch.

Liz, Sarah, Emilie, Sally, Jon, Mike and Sherwood

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