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August 12, 2017

Last night we all enjoyed the local hospitality with the crew meal for the Tall ships crews (Conveniently right next to the ship). We had a beautiful buffet meal, drinks and music followed by a fireworks display in the harbour.

Our day started with some training on rope handling, getting familiar with bracing, sweating and tailing. Despite the wet weather everyone that wished to go aloft got the opportunity to do so. The hot drink and fudge cake mid-morning were welcome after we had dried off.

The public turned out again with great enthusiasm for the final day of the Tall ship Rendezvous in Lunenburg. In the afternoon for our final day prior to setting off some of the crew enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Museum of Atlantic Fisheries, which along with its ice cream store come highly recommended!

At 17.30 we hauled the gangway on-board. After dinner we left the quayside and headed out of the harbour. We dropped anchor a short distance around the corner, sheltering overnight, with the plan to weigh anchor and set sail tomorrow morning.

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