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August 1, 2017

Forward starboard watch

Today was the continuation of West Fest Tall Ships at Cornerbrook, Newfoundland.

Open ship saw a lot of general public of Cornerbrook visiting us. We completed some more of our sail training, we were given shore leave and some explored Captain Cook’s monument which was 2 miles away by taxi. There were fabulous views of the Humber “fjord” and woodland mountains. 250 years ago over the course of 6 years James Cook produced accurate triangulated surveys of the whole coast of Newfoundland. What a fantastic person from Whitby.

Some of FS watch including our esteemed watch leader were adopted by the natives in the screeching ceremony, which involved kissing the cod whilst wearing a sou’wester and downing a tot of best Jamaican rum, declaring “long may your big jib draw”. The day ended with the engineers punch with the neighbours off Boudoin (built in 1921) which was alongside us joining us on the bridge. Music and fireworks on the quayside with the lovely locals ended a good day.

Monday 31st July

The day started with hands aloft quickly followed by open ship with random assisted climbs and wheelchairs aloft in sunshine and a brisk onshore breeze. Stores arrived just before open ship and real bacon was noted even if it was streaky bacon. Hurrah. More shore leave and raiding of Tim Hurtons (famous Canadian doughnut chain).

Louise saved a whole chocolate custard donut for the midnight to 4am watch. Lord Nelson left the quay and the white smoke of the paper mill with the help of the pilot boat to tug us of the quayside around 19.00 with Europa following, we then motored along the Humber in the evening sunshine.

1st August

Midnight – 4am watch started with a moonlit night with full sails but zero wind and speed over ground. We handed the spanker under Rowans expert direction and braced the yards and gained 4 knots in a purposeful direction. Shooting stars and then to bed.

Forward Starboard watch Jim, Sue, Louise, Simon, Alistair, Peter, Mattie, and Bella.

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