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August 26, 2017

Today was our first full day of movement. We left Saint John around 17:00 yesterday and have been motoring around since then. The weather has been fairly nice, no rain and just enough wind; but it’s been so cold! We set up the stay sails around 00:15 and they’ve been up ever since. We’re currently waiting on the wind to pick up a bit before setting the rest of the sails, so for right now we are using mostly our motor. The water has been fairly calm for us, which works as advantage to those of us who get sea sick easily. Happily, no green faces yet!

We had our first “Happy Hour” this morning, and although it’s not the particularly fun one you all are thinking of, it was pretty fun for me. We all worked as a group to clean the ship from top to bottom, and despite the cleaning part, I feel as though we all had a good time and  bonded a bit more over the tasks we were given. I feel as though we do that with all tasks we are given though, like taking up the mooring lines yesterday and doing our daily watches. It’s always a good time.

We ended up climbing the foremast yesterday, and everyone in the forward watches made it up. We were all so proud, and it was an amazing sense of accomplishment to see those smiling faces cheer you on as you reached the top. And the view, although still moored, was absolutely stunning. Especially the look on the faces of the bystanders who must have thought we were insane for climbing so high. That was my favorite part.

Today the winds are low and the sun is bright. There were dolphins and whales swimming circles around us and we were completely mesmerized. It’s an absolutely beautiful day, and even with sore muscles and tired eyes, we all seem to still be enjoying ourselves. We can’t wait to get day 3 over with and start a new one, as we’re excited to see what the following hours has in store.

Until next time,

Forward Starboard Watch J

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