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August 2, 2017

Burgeo, Newfoundland

Today we dropped anchor outside of the beautiful port town of Burgeo, home to around 1,200 people. Burgeo boasts a post office, museum and 3 restaurants. It was once a fishing town; it is now mostly a retirement community as the fish processing plant shut down in the 90’s.

After getting most of the voyage crew ashore using the ships outboard boat to get into port, we were greeted by the local port authority, and curious residents who helpfully pointed us in the direction of a restaurant. Twenty five of us made our way to the closest restaurant. We strolled through the hilly village; little homes perched on bedrock and wild flowers galore, to arrive at “Angela’s Seaside restaurant”. We trickled in over a 15 minute period. You can imagine we were soon overwhelming the one waitress and 2 cooks. So we did what came naturally and pitched in… some of us had just come of mess duty and were primed. Colin and Bridget went into the kitchen and asked how they could help, handing out drinks, food, cutlery, Marie-Josee started taking orders for the Non-Lord Nelson patrons. We even got compliments from them.

The group then split up and walked around the town, some went to the lookout point 300 feet high, where we could admire a 360 degree view including the Lord Nelson. Lush green interspersed with granite and vivid blue coves and channels. The other group hitched a ride to the lovely half-moon beach. Wild strawberries and blue green waters, and warm sun greeted us. We swam, explored and relaxed.

Some went back to the ship for dinner and some stayed ashore to add to the local economy.

All in all a wonderful detour on our voyage to Sydney on Cape Breton Island

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