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August 4, 2017

After dinner we weighed anchor and bid farewell to Burgeo after a very relaxing day ashore. To lose a few calories we set the sails. There was a beautiful sunset over the village and as we left the shelter of the shore a whale and several Atlantic White Sided Dolphins came close by to bid us a safe passage or was it to chase us away from their fish supplies. Fred ‘the fish’ had lines out and Dave caught a dab, and Colin a codling but alas Fred’s fish escaped. However he was allowed to share in the catch for breakfast.

The watch for the 2nd was completed with a starry sky and balmy weather, so waterproofs and wellies not required.

We were woken up to the greeting of another beautiful sunny day. The winds were light all day but we enjoyed a day of sailing with occasional sightings of dolphins.

Captain Richard gave us a talk on then sailing theory of tacking and wearing and just to make sure we understood it, we put the manoeuvres into practice on the overnight watches, as we drew nearer to Sydney on Cape Breton Island. Otherwise we would have arrived too early. Another starry night and the occasional vessel to spot in the dark.

After another hearty breakfast it was time to wear of a few more calories as we had all hands on deck to hand the sails (take them all in). In preparation for arrival into Sydney, where we moored up in the morning alongside a pontoon.

In the afternoon, some went to explore the town of Sydney, whilst others of us were showing visitors around the ship during open ship. A lot of people were very keen to come on board the ship and enquire where we came from.

Sadly our voyage is now complete.

Aft Port watch.

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