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August 8, 2017

We boarded on the 6th August, a few days ago.

We put up the sail for the first time today since we left Auckland harbour and since then we have been travelling at 5 knots. The winds speed has been fairly light today and the seas have generally been quite calm so thankfully a lot of sea sickness has been avoided.

Yesterday we got to grips with the ropes and how to haul and ease and we later went on to learn how to climb the mast and onto the yards. Climbing across the yards was an adventurous activity for some however even with a slight rain the majority put on brave faces and climbed to the top. We were anchored during the evening so one group took the opportunity to fish off the boat. Although all that was caught were small fish, many people were involved and had a great laugh.

Everyone is having a great time despite the weather and we all have our fingers crossed that the sun comes out tomorrow and that the clouds clear tonight for a starry sky whilst on watch.

Chloe Dean and Brooke Wain

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