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September 10, 2017

(An informative acrostic by Forward Port watch!)

Continental breakfast was served this morning

Although this resulted in heated discussions about how best to

Peel’ a hard-boiled egg.

The weekly Sunday gathering was held at the Foremast

Accompanying the singing was Bosun Alex with her guitar.

In the night watch we enjoyed identifying the stars and watching an orange moon rise.

Nellie is now sporting a beautiful blue ‘nose’ at the end of the bowsprit,


Commemorating her voyage to the Arctic Circle.

Happily, the brass on the bridge is now very shiny – the

Result of much hard work by willing volunteers.

In the night we almost fell into the varnish ‘trap’

Set by the Cadets!


In fact these were repainted benches and handrails on the bridge,

Still a bit sticky when we came on watch.


Giving joy to us all was the sight of dolphins

Rolling and cavorting under our bow wave.

Extra fun was had last night when the Captain and Tamzin burst into song

At 10.30 pm giving us a most unexpected treat.

Today we celebrated Cook’s Assistant Fiona’s birthday with more singing and CAKE!!!


Best wishes from Aft Port Watch: Jenny, Clare, Will, Job, Ford, Norman, Harry and Roman


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