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September 11, 2017

This morning we were back to the traditional bacon, sausage and perfectly poached eggs by our lovely cook Simon. The vanilla cake with chocolate icing and berry dressing that he baked yesterday for Fiona’s birthday already went missing. The number one suspect is Oscar, but there is not even a crumb of evidence left to prove it…

Today is a more than welcome laundry for forward starboard watch. Everyone’s clothing drained pretty fast in the Azores because we had to be comfortable during the day and change our outfit for the night to be as pretty as possible!

We were happily able to set all sails and turn off the engines for a few hours! We were doing about 5.5 knots. We can already see the temperature difference from us going more North. During the night watches we now have to wear a jacket and long pants. We are getting closer and closer to our goal!!

-Forward Starboard watch: Ros, Tracey, Tom, Stuart, Bob, Alex and Nic.

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