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September 14, 2017

Birthdays!  Birthdays!  Birthdays!  We’ve had three birthdays almost in a row: 10, 12, and 13 September, being Cook’s Assistant Fiona, Aft Starboard watch Linnea, and Aft Starboard watch Karen.  Cook exceeds himself on these occasions; we’ve almost been swimming in chocolate. Yummmm….

Today the wind is up and the engines are off. We are, as Bob says, ‘properly sailing’ and it’s lovely. We sailed out of an ocean-wide front on sail power alone; Nellie really sings when she’s got a lot of sails up. We even had to take down the Royals, as the wind is quite strong.

A pod of dolphins crossed our stern, maybe fifteen or twenty of them. Such happy people, dolphins! Marco, the Cheif Engineer, caught another tuna but we convinced him to throw it back (too small).

The leadership at sea crew, L@s, are experiencing some of the challenges faced by differently-abled people: Tracey has on a pair of sight-inhibiting goggles for the day, and there is a wheelchair hovering in the near future for another L@s. Tracey already knew the layout of the ship before she donned the goggles, which she says is making a big difference in her comfort without sight. Still, she has noticed a heightened acuity in her other senses.

Aft Starboard watch has organized a pub quiz-type of competition for the Lord Nelson. It was released onto the ship this morning; the five teams (Permanent Crew & Engineering, Bosun’s Gang & Catering, Forward Port Watch, Forward Starboard Watch, and Aft Port Watch) have until tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to answer the questions. There’s a bottle of Azorean wine at stake!

Best wishes to all!

Linnea, Peter, Oscar, Ollie, Karen, Sean, and Chris

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