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September 18, 2017

Ode to Nellie


Yesterday’s roast was a fabulous feast,

Our cookie Simon is a culinary beast.

With the island of Alderney almost in sight,

We polished and swept to Vicky’s delight.

With sails now stowed and engines turned on,

Chipp’s workload is greater and his day is long,

But still he smiles, he doesn’t give a hoot

With new red patches on his boiler suit.

Bar time last evening brought Farkling joy

(A new dice game for every girl and boy!)

Later on watch the party continued

With some radio chatter that was rather rude

There were ship lights popping up all over the place

And our first sight of land just made us feel ace.

The BMs are hard at work moving the trash

To make space on the stern for this evening’s bash.

A BBQ cooked by the engineers awaits,

And the cadets have a quiz for sometime around eight.

We hope you could tell we are having great sport

With love and kisses from all of Aft Port.

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