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September 19, 2017

A beautiful day at Alderney.

A barbecue dinner on the stern platform put on by engineers Marco and Chipps left everyone full and ready to enjoy a good night of sleep at anchorage in Alderney.

The following day most people left the ship via DOTI boat, in order to visit the town of Saint Anne. Only a single tired soul decided that an empty, quiet ship would be the perfect place to spend the day and catch up on sleep.

Alderney has a rich and obvious history with gun emplacements and fortifications covering the whole island. ‘Oh, look!  Another fortress!’ Many are in ruins but many more still can be visited and walked around. The museum, curiously enough, had a scale model of Nellie and many of the crew made the walk up the hill just to see her in miniature.

The anchor was raised just before sunset and we departed on our way up the English channel, making about 13 knots over ground thanks to the huge tides for which Alderney is known.

(Hey, Mum and Dad and everyone else!)

Cheers, Oscar

Aft Starboard Watch

Oscar, Sean, Linnea, Karen, Ollie, Chris, and Watch Leader Peter

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