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September 22, 2017

It is with mixed feelings that we begin this final blog. There is great excitement on board as we motor under the QE2 bridge towards our great capital. But it is with sadness that we think about going our separate ways this evening, leaving a great community and new found friends.

We marked the end of our voyage last night with a raucous SODS Opera (Ship’s Operatic and Dramatic Society). The crew put together a wide range of acts, from Skips lampooning shipboard life to songs including a few specially composed for the occasion by Tom. Even after our own M. C.

Will I F’s lively and eloquent introductions had ceased, the sea shanties continued long into the night.

This morning we were given the great treat of an early start, so we could make the most of our final day. Happy Hour was jet-fueled as the entire crew were hard at work shining Nellie up, and a strong smell of Brasso hung around the ship. At the final voyage debrief this morning, the Captain told us we had traveled a total of 3727 nm, a respectable 3377 of which was with sails set. We took the opportunity to thank Captain Chris and all the Permanent Crew on board as well as the volunteers for making this such a safe and enjoyable trip.


Aft Port Watch: Clare, Will, Job, Norman, Harry, Roman, Ford and Jenny

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