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September 1, 2017

We have crossed the halfway mark to the Azores which everyone is very excited about. In the past couple of days there have been sightings of schools of flying fish, a couple of pods of dolphins and even a whale. At one point yesterday we had all of the sails set and the team worked well to make this happen. This meant that we were able to turn the two engines off, which seemed to work in favor of attracting the dolphins. Over the past couple of days there has been very rough weather, in which one of our returning voyagers, Karen, had to abandon her wheels in favor of her wobbly legs. Her influence quickly spread through the vessel and everyone was positive and working as a team.

In other news, Marco caught a Dorado fish that was later to be eaten by the permanent crew and the volunteers on board. Reports came back that it was delicious, with thanks to Simon the chef. On the subject of food, the plates served up are amazing, so good in fact that Aussie Oscar is having his portion along with other peoples left overs every evening.

There was a thunderstorm at 21:00 which was an amazing sight and then there was torrential rain at 04:00 the following morning in which Tom, Linea’s (Aft stbd) husband, said “the rain was pouring, the sea was heaving, a curse word flew from my mouth (which NEVER happens) and it was still working out”.

Nellie is sailing solidly, averaging 6-7 knots daily, however, when she wants to she’ll take over the helm and decide where she wants to go. Good thing we have Karen, her mother, on our watch to sort out Nellie’s tantrums and get her back on course.


Aft stbd.

Peter, Ollie, Oscar, Linea, Sean, Karen & Chris

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